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The Launch Your Business Academy is a six month program that guides you through each step of opening a profitable business.

You are going to have a functioning business that is making money in less than six months.

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Christ Granat from the Event Producer School

“I love, love, love that Kara is able to give me whatever step I need in the moment. I credit her for the progress made in my business. I know I wouldn’t have made this much progress on my own (I know this because I literally sat on the idea for 10+ years, ha!). Kara’s knowledge and encouragement is so helpful to me.”


The Event Producer School
CEO | Founder


Anne Stapel with Stapel Signs and her family

“Kara is the kind of person that you know truly cares about you in both your personal and business life. She helps you be successful with your business. She boosted my confidence in my idea and more importantly in myself.”

(Anne & her husband are now fulltime business owners!)


Stapel Signs


Sharon Costanzo with Keep Talking Revolution standing on a yellow background

“Kara is down to earth and real about business. I don’t ever feel like she’s “selling” me or pressuring me to do something that isn’t in my best interest. She has so much experience with business and holds me accountable in just the right way.”

Sharon Costanzo

Keep Talking Revolution
CEO | Founder


The Program

Here are the details on what you can expect to learn from this new and fun program.

There are six courses inside the Launch My Business Academy. Each course sold for $250, making the Launch My Business Academy worth over $1,500.

Branding & Loyalty

For an entire month we will talk about branding and loyalty. You will have the opportunity to create (or refine) your brand and your branding message. We will write company values, learn about how your customers’ brains work, and discover how your brand can break through the mental filters and be remembered.

When your audience can remember and relate to you, they are willing to buy from you.


Month two is all about marketing. There will be some art projects in this unit as we dive into creating the perfect world for your ideal customer and how to guide them through their client journey. We will create a plan for reaching out to your audience and how to track what works and what doesn’t.

This means that you will know which marketing investments are making you money and which ones are draining your bank account.

Online Presence

Online presence is so much more than social media. In unit three we will discover the Findability Score for your new business. You will have guidance in setting up your social pages correctly, understanding SEO (how Google finds you), creating business listings, and ensuring that your company can be found online.

A company that is easily found online is a company that has a higher potential for clients. How can people buy your goods and services if they cannot find you? Get out there! Be proud!


Finance is not scary! It can actually be really cool and fun. In unit four we will talk all about business finances: how to track, the differences between personal and business money, and what in the world you need to learn from your business reports. We will also analyze your cash flow cycle, as well as teach you how to price your products/services.

When you understand and actively review your finances you can make decisions that bring you the most money with the least amount of work.


Systems in your business are what give you business freedom. Systems allow you to grow your business while maintaining good quality control. In this unit we will teach you how to create systems, when to hire, and how to know when (and where) you should hire. Systems also allow you to create automations so your business can keep running without you.

When you set up effective and efficient systems you create a more sustainable and profitably business. You also get to work less.


We will end our six month program by learning about collaboration. We will talk about collaborating with your team, your clients, and other businesses. When done correctly collaboration can be one of the most profitable ventures in your business. You will learn about setting expectations, creating affiliate offers, and finding the right collaborators.

The right collaborations will expand your business in more ways than you can imagine.

Little girl at a business meeting with her mother, how to start a business

In the

pre-recs bonus course

you will learn:

  • How to legally register your business
  • What entity type works best for your business
  • How to get a business bank account
  • Where to get an EIN number 
  • Basics of business insurance

Recorded Classes

This six month program has weekly classes. These classes are 10-20 min each and are pre-recorded so you can learn at a time that works with your schedule.

Live Calls

Each month there will be a live group call about the unit we are working on. You can ask questions, work though roadblocks, and move forward together. Coloring will likely be included. 


Expert Coaches

You can upload your work, questions, and offers to our community groups. In these groups you have access to our expert coaches who will be thrilled to give you feedback, tips, and direction. We got you!

Client Results

We believe in measurable results.

Client stats graphic for Launched

When clients start working with us we do an onboarding survey to give us a benchmark number. We do another survey at three months, and a final survey at six months.

Client Stats
This is what you can expect from our program:  

  • Increase in General BUsiness Knowledge by 291%.
  • Increase in confidence by 252%. 

Launched Story

Here are some of Kara's career highlights:


Courses Created



Figure Clients

Kara laws, founder of Launched, with a pink shirt and blue background

Kara Laws, our founder, has been working with women owned businesses for five years.

While working with these entrepreneurs, Kara was often asked where clients could go to get all the information. Clients were begging for one, single platform that taught everything they needed to start a business. And not just a business that sometimes sold stuff but a business that was consistently making money!

These women wanted one place to learn with consistent themes and analogies throughout.

Kara decided to create the educational program that her clients were asking for. This is it. And it is amazing!

women business owner photographs plants, how to start a business, Launched

Launch guarantees that by the completion of the Launch Your Business Academy your business will have returned your full investment. In other words, you will make all the money back by the end of the program. 

Six months to Launched worksheet examples, five pages

What Else is Included?

I would love to tell you.

  • Launch My Business Workbook
    This printable workbook gives you the hands-on space to create and implement your business planning.
  • Training Certification
    This is certified business training! At the end of your program you will have the papers to prove it.
  • Business Breakthrough Spreadsheet Packet
    We have so many cool things for you. It might sound weird but our spreadsheets are the They can help you track ads, analyze your pricing, and figure out your annual projections. You want these.
  • Coloring Assignments
    We do not do boring here. Coloring assignments help you brainstorm, see creative options, and remember what you learned. Plus, they are fun and your office needs décor. 😉


What the Launch your business in six month program looks like from the user end.

You can do this. You can start your business.

You got this.

We just make it a whole lot little easier.


How to know if you are ready

Launched is here to help women start their new business.
But, there are few things that you need before we can get started.

Have a product/service

Before you enroll in the Launch Your Business Academy you need a product or service near ready to sell.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but if you are selling puzzles you will need to be less than three months out of having puzzles in hand.

10+ Hours per week

The Launch Your Business Academy requires a least 10 hours of work at week. If you are not able to dedicate time to your new business just yet, that is okay.

You will just want to catch the next program start date instead. We enroll a new cohort every three months.

Reliable internet access

This is an online program so you are going to need regular access to reliable internet. If you are in a rural location without internet, coaching calls might be a better fit for you. Also check your local library and schools and see what they have available.


Starting a business is hard work! The Launch Your Business Academy gives you all the steps and simplifies the process but it cannot make up for hard work and dedication.

If you are ready for this program, you need to be dedicated to seeing it through.

Rave Reviews

“Kara knows her stuff and is sincerely dedicated to supporting the small businesses that she is involved with. Kara has been a tremendous influence in the successful re-branding and expansion of my small business.”

Lana Arthur

CEO | Owner, Patio Diner

“I have been really impressed with the business coaching Kara has offered us. Kara has helped us break down everything into actionable steps and knows what order to tackle different tasks to help us make more progress in starting our business.”

Loni Harris

Co-Owner, Spaghetti Tree Puzzles & Games

“I love how thorough Kara is. She listens to all of my needs and concerns and always gives me valuable feedback and new suggestions I wouldn’t have even thought of. I’m very grateful for Kara!”

Abbi Tisi

Co-Owner, Bridge 2 Awakening

Kara is one of a kind. She knows the right questions to ask that pull extra stuff out of me. I always feel more clarity and confidence each time we we talk.”

Gorgi Ruis

CEO | Founder, Purge Theory

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Kara Laws has worked with these organizations to teach and educate the business owners they work with and support.

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What if I already have a business?

While this academy was created for new business owners it is very applicable to businesses already up and running. Most small business owners are not doing or do not understand much of what is taught in this program.

Not understanding these fundamentals holds businesses back. Kara has worked with well over 500 businesses and personally coached others to their one million dollar mark.

The content in this six month course is highly, highly valuable.

what happens after we apply?

We do not take every woman who applies into our program. You have to meet the criteria mentioned above. After you apply you will get a confirmation email and about 30 days before the program is scheduled to start you will receive another email letting you know if you were accepted into the program or not. 

If you are not accepted into the program we will let you know why and what you can do to be ready for the next program start date.

If you are accepted into the program you will have seven days to accept or reject your admittance offer. 

How do I know if I am ready to start my business?

Starting a business is scary! There is will never be “right time”. It is up to you to decide when you are ready to dedicate time and energy to making your business dreams a reality. 

Do I get my own private coach?

Hiring your own private coach is an option that you can add to your Launch my Business Program.


Is there anything the Launched doesn't help with?

The Launch My Business Program does not help with product development. If you think of business as a ship, we help build the ship. The cargo that the ship carries is your product or service. Those products and services vary with every business so this program does not help with product development. You want to have your product or service nailed down pretty well before you start this program.


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