Master Your Calendar

Streamline your scheduling processes to keep you in the driver’s seat of your business. 


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Save time, create a breathable schedule, and build stronger client relationships.

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This live practical workshop is ideal for entrepreneurs who are spending too much time organizing and managing their calendars. 

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Workshop Details

October 26th – 10:30 am (MST)

Save Hours!

Productivity tips for streamlining and managing your schedule.

Maximize Your Meetings

Learn how to effectively communicate boundaries and expectations for your meetings.


Build Client Trust

Learn how to build trust and follow up with leards while staying out of your inbox.

Live Class

This is not a pre-recorded workshop. You will have a live advisor presenting, taking questions, and guiding you.  


After the workshop there will be a live Q&A. You can ask all your questions in this 100% judgement free zone.  


Immediate Value

You will get real value and actionable steps throughout the whole workshop. There is none of this “wait til the end” nonsense. No one has time for that. 

Your Educator

Cherie Deacon 

Jennary Virtual Solutions | CEO

Cherie will be your advisor for this workshop.
Here is a little bit more about her and her background.

Cherie isa Efficiency Expert & VA Mentor.

She  a passion for helping empowered women CEO’s streamline their systems and optimize their schedulers. Cherie loves all things processes, systems, tech tools, productivity hacks, and anything else that will help her clients to save time and be able to focus more on their passion and build their business.

Cherie has helped many business owners through creating more efficient processes and automating back end steps have saved over 10+ hours each week for  clients.

Cherie is a Calendly and scheduler expert. She cconfidently helps clients create a schedule that works for them, create proper boundaries, connect with more aligned clients and networking opportunities while optimizing all the features to make it more streamlined and less stress.


  • You  find that spend hours each week trying to organize your calendar.
  • You don’t have a calendar scheduler but you would like one. 
  • You use a scheduler, like Calendly, but aren’t really sure if you are using it to its full potential 
  • You want to spend less time organizing and more time working on your business.


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Rave Reviews

… instrumental to building my confidence in my biz not only sharing my services but putting myself out there in general. You are a Calendly Whiz, you made this whole process so easy for me.
You must be shouted about from the rooftops!

Chanson Creative

“#shoutout to Cherie Deacon!! She has been PHENOMENAL. She’s been beyond amazing and patient. 

 Thank you Cherie Deacon for all your help, hard work, and laughs throughout this experience. If you need someone to automate the sh*t out of your work and Calendly, she’s your girl!!


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What Date/Time is the workshop?

This workshop will be Thursday, October 26th

It will take place via Zoom.

It will start at 10:30am (MST)

How do we meet?

This a virtual workshop that will be hosted via Zoom. You will get a link when you register.

I Registered but didn't get my link

If you registered but didn’t get your link please check your junk mail. Your email will be coming from Appointlet. Do a search for this email address:

[email protected]

If you still can’t find it, please email us at [email protected] and we will help you sort it out. 

Will You Tell me more about the Q&A?

The Q&A will be AFTER the workshop. Sometimes they last for five minutes and sometimes they are 45 minutes. You are welcome to stay for as long as you would like.

Or leave as soon as you would like.

Is this a Sales Pitch?

Not at all.

Our goal is to give you best information possible in the alotted time. We want you to succeed in your business!

If you want to continue to work with Cherie  after the workshop, she will give you next step at the end.