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The step-by-step business guide that is not going to bore you to death.

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How to build a

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What People Are Saying

“Kara is so funny and has the best advice. Her workshops are fantastic and always worth my time. Verry efficient. Very valuable. Excellent service. “


Owner, Games by Miriam

Kara is a great teacher with a lot of knowledge to help new business owners and business owners looking to go to the next level.

Jorden Bayles

Owner, Jorden Bayles Realtor

Kara gives valuable business education in ways that are easy to understand and implement. Highly recommend!

Daine Bealer

CEO, Little Village Retreat

What to Expect


Let’s be honest, most business books are boring. But I had to WRITE this book. Writing a boring business book sounds like literal Hell. So, I wrote a fun business book, dripping in sarcsam and exaggerated examples.

High Value education

I also don’t like to waste time. This book get right to the point and gives you actionable business steps right off the bat. Real education that you can apply right now. 

Nerd References

I am a nerd.

This book has nerd references. We might talk about dragons. Dragons are cool.

That’s all I got.

About the Author

Launched Business Education with Kara Laws

Kara Laws

Hi! My name is Kara Laws.

I am a business educator based in Utah and the CEO and founder of Launched.

I have loved business since the sixth grade and started my first official business at nineteen.

Since then, I have built six businesses and sold four. I still run the last two.

600+ Entrepreneurs

I have worked with well over 600 business owners: training, advising, and helping them reach their goals. 

I love working with women creating new businesses and have helped hundreds.

28 Industries

I have worked closely with businesses in over 28 industries.  I know a lot of things about business, and I know it pretty well. From t-shirt manufacturing to restaurants to coaching to photography, I have been around (in a non slutty way).


At Launched, I don’t just believe that women can run successful businesses, I am living it. Launched is owned and run 100% by women. I get it, we see you, we are here to help.

Million Dollar Clients

I have worked one-on-one with women entrepeunuers to help them reach over one million in revenue. The practices used to help these businesses reach one million is what I teach in our all our classes.


Launched has clients not only coast-to-coast but globally. Launched reaches from California to Spain, Hawaii to Australia, and back through New York to Utah. We believe that women everywhere can create their own successful business. And we make the process a whole lot easier.

The Book

Making business ownership easier

There is a system to creating a profitable business!

In this book you will learn how to build the business foundation that will allow you to optimize your profits, avoid expensive mistakes, and reach your goals faster.

Woman with clipboard, business checklist

Step-by-step Guidebook

Building a business can be crazy confusing! 

What needs to happen first? What can wait? What is the most important. 

Don’t Suck at Business will walk you through all of the steps, in the right order. 

Last chance!

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  • Free organization and financial spreadsheets
Woman with clipboard, business checklist


and the answers

When does the book come out?

Don’t Suck at Business will be released the same day as our November Launch Your Business Academy cohort – November 6th. 

What topics does the book cover?

We will cover how to build a solid business foundation. A healthy business requires a solid business foundation.

This includes:

  • Branding
  • Customer loyalty
  • Marketing
  • Online presence
  • Finance
  • Systems
  • Leadership and
  • Collaboration
Does my book come signed?

Of course!! And only pre-ordered books are scheduled to be signed. 

They also come with some fun bonuses. 

When will my book ship?

Books will be shipped about a week or two before the official launch date. We will send you an email to ensure we have the right mailing address.