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Business Foundation Checklist

Build the foundation that allows you increase your profits, skyrocket sales, and avoid expensive mistakes.


Big Dreams WOrkbook

It is easy to dream big. Getting to those big dreams is another mountain. This workbook helps you simplify the climb and take your next step. 


Money Management Kit

You started your business to MAKE MONEY! Price your products correctly, outline your budget, and set your revenue goals for year. 

Workshop Week

$10 WOrkshops

During workshop week we discount our $300-$500 workshops all the way down to $10. TEN DOLLARS! High useful and effective training for only $10.

Take all the advantages.

All Week Long

The Launch Your Business Workshop is available on various dates and times throughout Workshop Week.

No matter your schedule you can find a time that works for you.

Every 3-4 months

Workshop Week is only offered every 3-4 months. As soon as the week is over our workshops go back up to their regular prices and availability.

Keep and eye out for Workshop Week!

Upcoming Launched Trainings

Available Anytime

Pre-Recorded: DOUBLE your Income in 30 days!

Join the challenge! Whatever you made last month, let's double it. In this workshop we are going to talk about the four step system to double your income - right now! 

  • Set your BHAG
  • How to find profit in expenses
  • The steps to uplevel your marketing
  • Be brave as Hell!

September 21st | 12:45 pm (MST)

PURPOSE & PROFITS SUMMIT: Business Foundations

A solid business foundation is essential to building a business that is successful. A solid foundation saves you time, makes you more money, and helps you avoid expensive mistakes.

  • How to build your business the right way
  • Branding myths are prevent customer loyalty 
  • Three most important parts of market 
  • Mistakes that most business owners make 

September 27th | 9:00 am (MST)

Massive Marketing Mistakes and how to AVOID them

What MOST business owners are consistently doing wrong in their and what you can do better.

  • How to market like you matter
  • How to discover your best marketing
  • How to double your income with diversifying
  • How leverage exposure

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Join me in the Launch Your Business Workshop!

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Save money.

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So glad I got the Launched Business Checklist, it’s a fantastic resource! Truly the most clear and concise business checklist I have every come across. To say that this is helpful is an understatement.

Ashlea Carter

Owners, Ashlea Carter Graphic Solutionist

“I attended Kara’s Launched workshop, she is amazing! She has incredible knowledge and passion for helping entrepreneurs set themselves up for success. I highly recommend, Kara!”

Roxanne Pashniak

Owner, Inspiring Pashion Consulting

“Kara is not only delightful but also very knowledgeable!

Her tips and insights are very helpful. She motivates, inspires and can get you past the part of your business you are struggling with!”

Jerilyn Neilsen Woody

CEO, Rhea's Fabrics

It doesn’t matter what you know,

It matters what you do.

It’s time to take action in your business.