and how to avoid them

Avoid Expensive marketing mistakes

The Massive Marketing Mistakes Workshop is a 60 minute workshop that will walk you through what MOST business owners are consistently doing wrong, and what you can do better.

And, it is completely free. 

For now. 

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We will not talk about

This is not the same boring workshop that you have been to 87,000 times. We are NOT talking about:

  • Your target market
  • Building a funnel
  • Social media or
  • Having a brand


We are talking about the next level!

Hear from Business Owners like you:

“Kara has helped me so much with the launch of my coaching business. She gave me so much insight and information on how to start, what to do first and where to go about it. I 100000% recommend her <3 Thank you, Kara!”

Sophie LeSieur

CEO, Coaching with Sophie

Kara could not be more genuine and enthusiastic about helping me WIN in my business. She is relatable and her experience gives me great confidence in working with her.

Jamie Grogan

CEO , E-Z Gift Giving

Avoid the mistakes that cost you thousands

In this course

You’ll learn How to:

Market Like You Matter

How to be loud and proud about your business, without losing friends and annoying family. 😉 

Optimize Your Best Marketing

Discover how to identify your best marketing avenues and what do with them. 


Create Your Runway

Plan out the ideal runway that your need to market your products and services. Stop selling yourself short and start actually selling.

Double Your Income with Diversity

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Learn how to protect your business from a bad fall. 

Your Advisor



Figure Clients


Launched Business Education with Kara Laws

Kara Laws has coached businesses to over one million in revenue and has had over a thousand students in her courses. She teaches new business owners how to get it right the first eim. 

She is high energy, tons of fun, and knows how to get through a lot of information in a very short amount of time. She has changed the lives of entrepreneurs that she has worked with.

Kara has the unique skill of being able to break big ideas down into small, actionable steps. Kara makes sure you leave knowing what to do next.

Course Perks

Live Workshop

This is not a pre-recorded workshop. You will have a live advisor presenting, taking questions, and guiding you.


After the workshop there will be a live Q&A. You can ask all your questions in this 100% judgement free zone.


Immediate value

You will get real value and actionable steps throughout the whole workshop. There is none of this “wait til the end” nonsense. No one has time for that.

Massive Marketing Mistakes Workbook


This LAUNCHED workbook helps prompt you through taking action in your business. We are not just here to talk at you, we want to make sure you make positive changes in your business.

It doesn’t matter what you know, it matters what you do.


This workbook helps you DO.

What other business owners
are saying: 

“I wish I would have known about Launched and the Launch Your Business Academy before I started my business. I’ve now been in business for over a year and I’m still learning valuable lessons from Kara Laws will no doubt help me expand my reach and grow my sales.

Kimberly Flores

CEO, FulFILLed Utah

Detailed, clear, and well organized. I didn’t realize all the knowledge I was missing for my business until I took this course. Grateful for Kara.

Danica Sanders

CEO, Waterkissed

Join Now!

Marketing gets really hard, complicated, and confusing very quickly.
This course will help you avoid mistake and start making REAL MONEY! 

It’s here! It is ready for you! Let’s do this.

We want your business to succeed.