See this badge?

If you see this badge, you have reached the website of a business that has committed to building their best business.

 You can expect quality products, expert service, and a real love of what they do.

Launched Certified means

Launched Certified Business Owners have graduated from the Launch Your Business Academy. The Launch Your Business Academy is not about starting a business. This academy is about building a business solid foundation that allows businesses to take off!

Launched Certified Business Owners have spent weeks in each of the following areas to make sure they are building the best businesses for their customers. 

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is all about knowing who you are, what you care about, and how you are bettering your customer’s lives.

Ease of Use

Shopping with small businesses can be weird and complicated sometimes. Launched graduates care about making the journey easy. 

Being Available

Being avaible means being easy to find. Social pages where you can get your questions answered, hours posted correctly on Google, and someone happy to help. 

Affordable Pricing

Launched Certified Business Owners know their pricing. They don’t pull prices out of nowhere, they know exactly why they charge what they do, and how it compares with competition. 


We all like consistency. Nobody wants a risk every time that we spend money. Graduates understand how to keep their products and services the same every time. 


Launched Certified Business Owners are buidling communities of people to help better serve their clients. They are not a one-man-band, they are a team of excellence. 

Resilent Business Foundation

Every Launched Certified Business Owner goes through a rigorous, six month program to learn how to build a solid business foundation. 

This means the business owner has made the commitment to build their best business ever!

The dedicated

Less then 20% of people graduate from online courses. When you see this badge on a business owner’s page you know that they are invested in the success of their business. They are committed to providing the best product and service for their customers.

These are the 20% that see things through to the end.