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Always loud and ready to teach, Kara Laws, is an award winning entrepreneur, a best selling author, public speaker, and business advisor. Kara’s high-energy presentations give her audience immediate steps to move their businesses forward. Kara is not a motivational speaker, she is a “get-stuff-done” educator.

Meeting planners love working with Kara, she adds high value and fun to every event.

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Past Speaking Engagements

Keynote Topics

Marketing Strategy

To have successful marketing, businesses need to do more than post on social media.

In this keynote, Kara outlines the five most common massive marketing mistakes that entrepreuners fall for, how to overcome them, and how to market like you matter. 

Building a Foundation for success

A successful business needs a solid foundation to support it and allow it to grow. Most business owners “Frankenstein” their businesses.

In this keynote, Kara will walk your audience through what a business foundation is, the order in which to build it, and how to make sure it can support growth.

Courage in Business

Starting a business is hard having the skills to keep moving forward is essential.

In this keynote we will talk about how to prevail in business when everything seems too hard. 

Kara Laws, Launched CEO

Entities hire Kara for her:

  • Fun and engaging personality
  • Unique content and presentations
  • Knowledge of business start-ups
  • Work helping business reach one million+
  • Out of this world branding
  • Terribly great puns

From Event Organizers

“Kara is a very engaging presenter. She is real, honest, and relatable.

Kara’s presentations are well thought out, fun, and informative. She always asks thought-provoking questions and gives time for the audience to work through those questions.

Kara is also great at answering questions and offering advice. People love that part of her presentations – it leaves them wanting more of her knowledge and expertise.”

Lisa Jensen

Program Manager, Women's Business Center of Utah

“Kara Laws is an exceptional trainer who knows how to distill complex topics to make them easier for her learners to master.

I admire the passion and dedication she puts in as a trainer.

Kara knows how to connect with each participant individually to make the content she teaches relevant to each person.

I am so thrilled to have her as one of the trainers at the May 2022 Maximum Impact Business Conference.”

Illens Dort

CEO, Maximum Impact Council

Kara’s Background

Kara has a vast background of business ownership and business development.

Business Owners


Figure Clients


Kara has been a business educator since 2018. 

Leading up to her work helping other business owners, Kara started four of her own companies and sold them all to pursue business education. 

Throughout her first several years as a business owner, Kara learned (through a lot of mistakes) that being good at your craft was not enough to have a successful business. 

A business and a good product/service are not the same thing. 

As Kara learned the steps to creating a successful business she realized that most business owners, especially women, were struggling with the same issues she did. 

Now, Kara teaches new business owners all the steps, in the right order, to make sure they are building businesses that are actually making good money. 

From Event Attendes

“Excellent! A strong overview on managing effectively. I would (and did) recommend. I learned some valuable things that I couldn’t figure out on my own.”

Resford Rouzer

Canyonlands Field Institute

“I wish I had brought people with me! I learned more than I thought I would. Great content!”

Thayne Waters

Owner, Hermanos Taco Company

“Attending the Business Foundation Workshop was a game-changer for me! Kara’s insightful guidance allowed me to take a closer look at the core of my business and identify areas I hadn’t even considered as potential stumbling blocks.”

Bonni Hise

Owner, Wild Free Health

Kara is not only delightful but also very knowledgeable! Her tips and insights are very helpful. She motivates and inspires”

Jerilyn Woody

Owner , Rea's Fabrics

Award winning speaker

Best Selling Author

Kara Laws, Launched CEO