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So, you built a funnel?

Now what?

So, you have a target market?

Now what?



Like you


Turn your marketing from “ho-hum” to a
money making powerhouse!

NOT like other


Jumpstart your marketing!

In Market Like You Matter you will be given all the tools to create the most successful marketing month of your year!

We are not going to teach target markets and then your clients and customers will “magically appear.”


Market Like You Matter will teach you where to spend your time and money and where to close the purse and walk away.


We will take the guesswork out of your marketing. 

Hear from Business Owners like you:

“Kara is not only delightful but also very knowledgeable! Her tips and insights are very helpful. She motivates, inspires and can get you past the part of your business you are struggling with!”
Jerily Woody

CEO, Rea's Fabrics

We absolutely love Kara and the consistency she has dedicated… to us! We attended a free workshop and have been mesmerized ever since. We personally, highly recommend their workshops and training because Kara’s energy is contagious and well worth the time!
Shilho Scruggs

Co-owner, Coven Vibes

Experience the success of marketing you can control.

How it Works:


Grab Your Seat!

Sign up for the four week Market Like You Matter course.


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After you claim your seat, you will be emailed a link to create your account. Do what it says.


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Create your account and then log in to access your course and the resources within in. 


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Apply what you learned and see the rapid results in your business. 

Course Perks

At Your Own Pace

Watch on your own time and speed up if you need to!  Take your time and marketing one step at a time.

Easy to Follow

This course comes with all the tools you need to up-level your marketing. Everything is ready for you so can focus on growth.

Lifetime Access

Watch the lessons again and again! This one-time purchase gives you lifetime acces, and includes any course updates.

Double your income
in 30 days


Market Like You Matter now includes the 30 day, Double Your Income Challenge.
This challenge (starting Oct 1st) serves you up 1-3 tasks marketing tasks each day to help ensure you can DOUBLE YOUR INCOME.
The whole marketing strategy has been written out, proven, and is just waiting for you to implement.

Give your business the boost it deserves.


Get started today. 


Intentional Marketing Kit
In addition to the courses and the workbook you will also get the Market Like You Matter spreadsheet set.

This kit includes: 

  • Pre-made marketing trackers
  • Lead generation tracker
  • Client funnel map
  • Maketing trackers for various marketing streams
  • A template for building your marketing plan


Massive Marketing Mistakes Workbook


This LAUNCHED workbook helps prompt you through taking action in your business. We are not just here to talk at you, we want to make sure you make positive changes in your business.

It doesn’t matter what you know, it matters what you do.


This workbook helps you DO.

Take anywhere

All these classes are pre-recorded so you watch on your own time and speed up if you need to! You are not tied to certain dates/times.

All the Tools

This course comes with all the tools you need to up-level your marketing. Everything is ready for you so can focus on growth.

Immediate Value

You will get real value and actionable steps throughout the whole workshop. There is none of this “wait til the end” nonsense. No one has time for that.

What other business owners
are saying:

“I wish I would have known about Launched and the Launch Your Business Academy before I started my business. I’ve now been in business for over a year and I’m still learning valuable lessons from Kara Laws will no doubt help me expand my reach and grow my sales.
Kimberly Flores

CEO, FulFILLed Utah

Detailed, clear, and well organized. I didn’t realize all the knowledge I was missing for my business until I took this course. Grateful for Kara.
Danica Sanders

CEO, Waterkissed

Your Advisor



Figure Clients


Launched Business Education with Kara Laws

Kara Laws has coached businesses to over one million in revenue and has had over a thousand students in her courses. She teaches new business owners how to get it right the first eim.

She is high energy, tons of fun, and knows how to get through a lot of information in a very short amount of time. She has changed the lives of entrepreneurs that she has worked with.

Kara has the unique skill of being able to break big ideas down into small, actionable steps. Kara makes sure you leave knowing what to do next.

Even more business owners!

“Kara was so helpful and easy to work with! I felt like I had a million questions and she answered every, single one of them without making me feel dumb.”
Amilia McKay

CEO | Owner, Grapefruit & Thyme

“I really loved the visual! I’m very much a hands-on learner so that was great. I loved that Kara was fun but to the point and explains things well without being overwhelming.”
Kassaundra Hutchinson

Marketing, Cache Valley Media Group

“This helped me get organized and keep on the right track. I would recommend this course to any business owner.”
Carie Callicutt

Owner, Manna Floral Design


“Thank you so much for the wonderful training! It really helped me think about what I need to do next with my business goals.”

Anne Stapel

Co-Owner, Stapel Signs

Value on top of Value

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Marketing gets really hard, complicated, and confusing very quickly.
This course will help you avoid mistake and start making REAL MONEY! 

It’s here! It is ready for you! Let’s do this.

We want your business to succeed.