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only 300 seats available!

only 300 seats available!

Launch Your Business forward

with Workshop Week 

If you are tired of boring education.

Workshop Week.

If you want EASY steps.

Workshop Week.

If you want to make money.

Workshop Week.

What is



Workshop Week is the celebration before we open the Launch Your Business Academy.

An entire week of workshops to designed to make business easier. Easy-to-follow workshops with simple next steps and breakthrough education.

Only 300 seats available!

Only 300 seats available!

How It Works:

April 19th – 25th

Experience the freedom of knowing what’s next.



Sign-up and pay for Workshop Week. 


Choose Your Workshops

Register for your favorite workshops, as many as you would like. No extra cost.


Show up & Win

This is party (albeit, a nerd party)! We are giving away $500 in swag each day.


Build a Better Business

Follow the easy steps and create the business you have been dreaming about.

Why Workshop Week 

Live Workshops

We are not pretending to be live. Every workshop has a live expert teaching and ready to answer all your questions.


Easy to Follow

LAUNCHED specializes in workshops that are easy to follow and have simple next steps. Education you can follow while moving your business forward. 

Jammed-pack Value!

We don’t waste time. All of our workshops are packed with the actualy information you need to run a successful business – not the fluff.

Small Classes

All Workshop Week workshops are limited to 40 participants. That means, you are not just another face in the crowd. There is room for you to ask questions and be heard.

Hear from Business Owners like you:

Business Plan

Workshop Week gives you access to several workshops that breakdown business into tiny and easy-to-follow steps.

We are not going to pitch at you for an hour saying, “Wait til the end for the solution.” 


Each Workshop Week workshop walks you through a complicated business process in a fun and simple way. At the end of each workshop you know what is next and how to accomplish it.


We will take the guesswork out of

building your empire. 

Only 300 seats available

Workshop Week Is for you if:

  • You want to take real action in your business
  • You are looking for authentic and fun business education
  • You are not sure what steps to take to make your business a success
  • You are looking for guidance and support 
  • You want to make sure you are building your business the right way
  • You are tired of guessing how to make your business work and want a roadmap 

Give your business the map it has been aching for.


Register today.

Workshop Week Is NOT for you if:

  • You are not committed to your business
  • You hate learning but hate implementing more
  • You aren’t sure if you really want to own a business
  • You don’t have time to show up for workshops
  • You hate laughter
  • You don’t think business and sarcasm should be mixed
  • You get uncomfortable in a room full of women
  • You like slow, boring education
  • You already know everything about business

It’s okay if this isn’t for you.

We don’t serve everyone. And if we aren’t a good match, we would rather know now.



How to start a business checklist

The Business Foundation Workshop is our signature workshop.

In this 90min workshop you will learn every step, in the right order, to building your business the right way. Without a stable foundation to grow on, businesses crumble.

In this workshop we will guide you through exactly how to build a solid foundation — just follow our business plan.  You don’t have to guess anymore. 

This workshop also comes with:

  • A step-by-step checklist
  • A mini workbook and
  • A goal tracker

You can do hard things! You can build you business. This workshop helps you avoid the expensive and common mistakes. 

Learn more here.

In Canva Website Hacks for Business Owners we will teach you how to build your own website in Canva – FOR FREE! 

You will learn:

  • How to build pages 
  • What your website needs and
  • How to build your site quickly

Get that website up! 

This hands-on and practical workshop is ideal for entrepreneurs, marketers, and anyone eager to get a beautiful website running on a budget. 

In the Marketing vs Sales: what you really need workshop we will cover why marketing and sales are not the same and what you can be doing to close the deal. 

Just posting on social media is not enough! 
Inviting people to free events is not enough! 

If you want to make real money in your business, you are going to need a sales strategy that is not a marketing strategy. 

Marketing Funnels: Why isn’t this working?!  is the workshop where we dig into the elements of a good client journey. 

We will talk about:

  • How to know where your funnel is broken
  • Where to create a funnel 
  • What a good funnel needs and 
  • How to help clients take the next step

Includes the Funnel Creation Workbook AND the Client Journey Worksheet

How do you know when to hire people?! 

When do you know when you have enough money and when you be losing money. 

In, How to Make Hiring and Asset, Not a Liability, we will give you the exact formula to know when hiring will help you business and when it will tank it. 

Don’t miss this one! 

Did you know that you should have a plan and strategy to your social media?

In the How to Create Your Social Media Strategy workshop you will walk away with the outline to your new social media plan! 

How do you even begin to create a social media strategy? We will walk you through it.

In this workshop, we will layout each step to help you create a social media strategy that takes you from, “I have no idea what I am doing, ” to a lead collection machine. 

Includes Social Strategy Template.

How to start a business checklist

Full Schedule Coming Soon!

“It doesn’t matter what you know,
it matters what you do.”

The Giveaways!


Everyday we will be giving away:

  • Various stickers, notebooks, and other swag
  • Five copies of the book Don’t Suck at Business
  • Three $100 gift cards
  • One $300 gift card

Workshop week is a party!


A party without alcohol or food but a party none-the-less.
BYOS (bring your own snacks).

What other business owners
are saying: 

Your Advisors


Figure Clients


Best selling author, Kara Laws, holding and pointing to her business education book, Don't Suck at Business.

Kara Laws

Kara Laws has coached businesses to over one million in revenue and has had over a thousand students in her courses. She teaches new business owners how to get it right the first eim. 

She is high energy, tons of fun, and knows how to get through a lot of information in a very short amount of time. She has changed the lives of entrepreneurs that she has worked with.

Kara has the unique skill of being able to break big ideas down into small, actionable steps. Kara makes sure you leave knowing what to do next.

Launched Business Education with Kara Laws

Britta Vercoutter

Britta is the founder and CEO of Britta Veroutter | Marketing & Design. She teaches entrepeneurs how to uplevel their marketing by simplifying and streamlining.

Britta is a full-service marketing strategist & designer for heart-led solopreneurs. If you feel stuck on anything marketing, branding or web and how to implement it in your business, she can help!

Britta will leverage your unique talents, boost your confidence, bring YOUR vision to life, and create the meaningful business of your dreams.

Value on top of Value

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