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Effective and fun business help for women who are ready to conquer the world!

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This sarcastic and humorous business book gives you an overview of all the steps, in the right order, to create a solid foundation for your new business.

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What can we help you find?

THE Book!

Don’t Suck At Business is the step-by-step book to build a formidable business.  

This is not the boring business book you have started reading sixteen times. Sarcasm included.



This six month academy, the Launch Your Business Academy, guides you through each tasks in building a solid foundation for your business. 

Save time, make more money, and avoid expensive mistakes. 


Launched has a full calendar of workshops and resources. Find the perfect business help you need for your growing business.

Find the full list of fun and inspiring workshops, tips, and resources here.

Launched Boasts:

Creative Classes

Let’s be honest, sometimes business classes are boring. It is hard to learn when you wish you were asleep. At Launched, we keep things a bit more (okay a lot more) lively. Throughout our small business help for women, sometimes we even color.

All in One

Business education can feel very contradictory. You learn branding here and marketing there and no one agrees with each other. We make it simple, build concept upon concept, and help make your business dreams attainable.

Expert Coaches

Our advisors are experts are not people who hope to one day start a business. Our advisors have built their own successful businesses. They have been where you are, they have lived in the trenches.

The Launched business foundation checklist. Image shows a preview what the checklist looks like. It includes several pages of guided business help


Download the free Business Foundation Checklist

We know what it is like to want to grow a new business but have no idea what to do first. You are winging it all and just praying you don’t screw up.

Imagine having business help that gives you easy to follow step-by-step instructions to getting your business on its feet.

You don’t actually have to imagine. We already created it.

Launched offers simple, effective, straightforward solutions for solving new business challenges!

Who do you know who is just starting out, who could use the gift of clarity? Definitely check this out, it could be the perfect holiday present for a loved one, or maybe that loved one is you?!

Their workshops are fire!”

Lauren Gale

CEO, Lauren Gale Coach

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