Lisa Melick

Stone Groove Social

I have clients who now have a strong digital presence and customers are flocking to their businesses through social media!

Lisa Melick

Lisa Melick

Lisa Melick is a video editor & social media manager that helps give business owners back time while bringing in more leads and money into their business!

Lisa started Stone Groove Social out of a desire to help businesses who are out doing good in the world be discovered, followed, and supported.

The name “Stone Groove” comes from the phrase “Make life a stone groove,” which means to live a happy, adventurous, loving, enjoyable, and overall fun-filled life to the fullest, as if each day was your last.

She will help you:

  • Boost engagement
  • Save your time
  • Drive business growth

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Lisa’s Journey w/ Launched

Before Launched

Before working with Launched, I was all over the place! Kara and the team at Launched helped me get clear on my vision and cheered me on as I took each step to build this business.

Lisa Melick

After Launched

I am so grateful for Launched! My business is now flourishing with new clients each day! I am prepared for this growth and embrace every step of the journey.

Lisa Melick

In 12 Months

Lisa has been with Launched for almost a year. In that time, she has:

  • Started her company 
  • Great clients
  • A smooth onboarding process for these clients
  • The confidence to be our networking at amazing events
  • Been meeting so many wonderful people!