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Discover the six step process that has helped hundreds of business open their doors, get their first sales, double, and triple and income.

One week only!

One week only!

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When I say launched I don’t mean opening your business…

I mean LAUNCHING your business! 

I am talking about LAUNCHING YOUR BUSINESS TO NEW HEIGHTS – not hanging an open sign.

This is a whole, entire business that runs well, dependably brings you income, and does not eat your for dinner.

Increase Your Income

Understanding how to create a solid business foundation allows you to increase your income. And this workshop teaches you exactly that: how to build a foundation and optimize your income.

Understand your finance and make more money – without doing more work.

Confidence Boosted

When we feel unsure about what we are doing, and how to do it we struggle to move forward. When you know all the steps, in the right order, you feel stronger, more confident, and are more ready to take on the world.

This workshop teaches all the steps to get your business built right. Bring on the confidence.

Build without mistakes

Most small business owners make the same mistakes. Some of these mistakes are minor and some of the cost you thousands. In this workshop we will be blowing the lid off some of the most common mistakes and teaching you how to avoid them.

This saves you time, money, and frustration.

“If I had understood all that was in this workshop when I signed up,

I would have paid $1,000 for it.”

– Jennifer Kempfer-Norris
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Rave Reviews

“Ready to get your business on a solid foundation? Want to have your business foundation so solid you could sell it one day? Kara at Launched Academy can help you get your foundation set up properly.

From branding, licenses, insurance, marketing, finance, you name it, Launched Academy is going to give you everything you need to know your business is set up correctly so you can be around for many, many years.”

Georgia Ryle

CEO, Holistic Healing from Within

Kara is amazing! She has so much knowledge. I was able to learn so much from her course. I strongly suggest it to any and all business owners! Knowledge is power!

Dominique Bowring

CEO, Bowring Photography

Workshop Details


   PRICE:  $197  free

Join for free, this week only!

Dates & Times

There are various dates and times available. Launched has clients through the US and in several other countries. So to avoid confusing we don’t put times/dates here.

Click any of the “Join Workshop Week” buttons to view times in your time zone.

What You’ll Learn

This workshop is the step-by-step system to building a business.

This is the system our CEO has used to build six businesses, 
we have taughter hundreds of other successful businesses, and the system
that brought LAUNCHED five-figure months in under a year of creation. 

Branding & Loyalty

Most business are branding wrong. Period. Even worse, most business educators teach branding wrong.

Get the formula to create a killer brand that sticks in your client’s mind and sets you apart.


Marketing is an entire planet! It gets overwhelming quickly. 

Get the quick step-by-step guide to create easy to implement marketing skills.


Online Presence

Online presence is so much more than social media. In unit three we will discover the Findability Score for your new business.

How can people buy your goods and services if they cannot find you?


Finance does not have to be scary. We will teach you how to make finace simple, how to price your goods/services, and some tools to track everything.

This alone is worth the 60 minutes. 



Systems in your business are what give you business freedom. Systems allow you to grow your business without killing yourself.

We will give you the key to setting up your first systems and show you what others are doing wrong.



The right collaborations will expand your business in more ways than you can imagine.

Get your business ready to explode by accessing our hacks to collaborating effectively.


Live Workshop

It’s almost Workshop Week so you will have a live advisor presenting and guiding you. Take advantage of the live Q&A to move your business forward faster.

Step-by-step Guide

Get the step-by-step guide to building a successful business. It is time to feel confident in your next steps and start making that money.


Immediate Value

You will get real value and actionable steps throughout the whole workshop. There is none of this “wait til the end” nonsense. No one has time for that.

How to start a business checklist


  • Business Foundation Checklist 
    You don’t have to guess anymore. This checklist gives you each step to starting you business.
  • Goal Tracking Spreadsheet
    Goals matter! But, setting them and especially tracking them is not that easy. So, we created a goal tracking spreadsheet to help you get organized and hold yourself accountable.
  • Findability Score Worksheet
    Feeling like your clients are not finding you online? The Findablilty Score worksheet will help you determine why you might not be visible and what you can do about it.

Rave Reviews

I have attended several of Kara’s workshops. I love how Kara brings forth the business foundations that are so often brushed over or assumed in other containers. Her workshops are valuable in creating actionable changes for your business IMMEDIATELY.

Glendy Yeung

Owner, Glendy Yeung Vibrational Wellness

“I attended the Launch Your Business Workshop and was blown away by the valuable content Kara packed into just one hour. … I’ve had my “doors open” for years and wish I’d had Kara to advise me all along.

If you have an established business that could use a boost, you’ll get so much from Kara. You will save yourself a ton of time, effort, and money if you listen to Kara. “

Sally DiCesare

CEO, Psychic Enlightenment Center

“I wish I would have known about Launched and the Launch Your Business Academy before I started my business. I’ve now been in business for over a year and I’m still learning valuable lessons from Kara Laws will no doubt help me expand my reach and grow my sales.

Kimberly Flores

CEO, FulFILLed Utah

“Launched offers simple, effective, straightforward solutions for solving new business challenges! Their workshops are fire for anyone just starting out in business, who really wants to start out right!

Lauren Gale

CEO | Owner, Lauren Gale Coach

Your Advisor


Kara Laws will be your advisor for this workshop.
Here is a little bit more about her and her background


Figure Clients


Launched Business Education with Kara Laws

Kara Laws is a business advisor and educator. She has coached businesses to over one million in revenue and help hundreds of new business owners get their businesses started right. 

She is high energy, tons of fun, and knows how to get through a lot of information in a very short amount of time. Her knowledge of business is incredibly vast. She has changed the lives of entrepreneurs that she has worked with.

Kara has the unique skill of being able to break big ideas down into small, actionable steps. She will share all of the steps with you in the workshop. Kara makes sure you leave knowing what to do next.

You can do this.

You can build your business
the right way!

You got this.

We just make it a whole lot little easier.


women business owner photographs plants, how to start a business, Launched
Kara Laws, Launched CEO
What Date/Time is the workshop?
Live workshop dates and times vary.

Click here to see what times and dates are still available.

How do we meet?

This a virtual workshop that will be hosted via Zoom. You will get a link when you register.


Will You Tell me more about the Q&A?

The Q&A will be AFTER the workshop. Sometimes they last for five minutes and sometimes they are 45 minutes. You are welcome to stay for as long as you would like.

Or leave as soon as you would like.

When Will I get my bonus items?

Your bonus items will be emailed to a you as soon at you register for your workshop. They will be coming from: [email protected] so we suggest you add that email into your contact list.

Will this work for my business?
In short, yes.

This is the formula that we have used to help hundreds of businesses open their doors, get their first clients, double and then triple their revenue.

This is not magic, but it is close. 😉

Rave Reviews

I have taken two of Kara’s workshops. They were packed with valuable content and she also provided easy to follow handouts. Kara makes hard concepts, like the financial side of running a business, clear and understandable.

She very patiently answers questions and shows as well as tells. She is obviously well versed in all the important pieces of starting and running a business successfully and doing it all in the right order too! 

Angie Farmer

CEO | Owner, Angie Farmer Health Coach

“I attended the Business Foundations Workshop and it was amazing!

Super helpful, jam packed with valuable information, and Kara is an awesome listener and teacher with tons of knowledge to give.

If you’re thinking about starting a business and you want to do it right and save yourself so much time, money, and mistakes, you should for sure work with Kara and Launched.”

Cindy Snyder

Owner, Cindy Snyder - Life and Business Coaching

LOVED this workshop!!

This lit a fire under my butt and gave me things to think about that I hadn’t before!!”

Nichole Weaver

CEO, Nichole Weaver Fanatical Coach

Detailed, clear, and well organized.

I didn’t realize all the knowledge I was missing for my business until I took this course. Grateful for Kara.

Danica Sanders

CEO, Oat & Pearl

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Starting a business gets really hard, complicated, and confusing very quickly.
This IS the roadmap that you have been hoping for. It’s here! It is ready for you! Let’s do this.

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