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Kara Laws
Chamber of Commerce services and education for chambers supporting rural businesses.

Small Town Hub is here to support you and your rural businesses. The world has changed and it is taking its tole on rural business owners. Many do not know how to navigate this new way of doing business. Small Town Hub was created to help Chambers of Commerce support their rural business. As a rural business ourselves we understand what it is like to try to be a value to your community but struggle to pay the bills.

Because of this, we have dedicated ourselves to helping chambers better support their rural businesses, and therefore increase their membership rates.

We offer:
* Business training
* Marketing education and tools
* Website design and
* So much more

All created to help chambers reach their full potential without drowning in all the work.

507 W 100 S
Blanding, UT
ZIP Code
  • Small Town Hub is please to share the Thrive Cycle with rural chambers and their business owners. This cycle helps guide rural businesses through their unique challenges and strengths to create better, stronger businesses.
  • Rural and local business contribute 4x more to their local schools and organizations than their chain/franchise counterparts. Rural living is dependent on their local businesses surviving.
  • Part of making sure we are setting rural business up for success is helping them expand their market by getting online.
  • At Small Town Hub we are dedicated to supporting the rural businesses that are often forgotten or pushed to tourism only.


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