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Buyer Psychology:
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Because what good is knowledge
if you don’t do anything with it?

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Get your Buyer Psychology Workbook here. This will help you breakdown everything we talked about in the workshop and apply it to your business.

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A whole week of POWERFUL workshops: 

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Workshop Week Reviews


“Kara always delivers! Her no-nonsense, funny style of teaching is perfect for those that don’t want the fluff that fills lots of workshop.

I haven’t found a topic yet that Kara has taught that didn’t leave me wishing I’d found her years ago!”

Jennifer Peatross

Marketing Lead, USU Tooele Health Extension


“I loved Kara so much!

The information and knowledge that she gives is invaluable. Her workshops feel as if everyone knows each other and we have built friendships over years.

She’s just great! Thanks so much Kara!”

Carrie Jackson

Owner, Compassion Care Concierge


I have attended several of Kara’s workshops.

I love how Kara brings forth the business foundations that are so often brushed over or assumed in other containers. Her workshops are valuable in creating actionable changes for your business IMMEDIATELY.”

Glendy Yeung

Owner, Glendy Yeung Vibrational Wellness