Julie Huldin

MassaVinci: Heal Together

Showing up day after day and working my way through the hardships and frustrating of learning. 


and mostly, learning my system Go High Level and creating VSLs.

Which I hope to help others with this too!

Julie Huldin

Julie Huldin

Julie Huldin is an instructor and content creator that helps you learn online the ways to use your hands, move around the table and deliver pressure like a pro.

Julie provides alternative health care for couples and to empower them with massage skills so they can save money and massage at home whenever they want.

She helps:

  • Empower couples with the art of massage to heal together
  • Discover the long soothing strokes that are very grounding and sensual
  • Understand connective tissue and how to approach it
  • All the ways to properly move your partner’s body so you can massage every inch!

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Julie’s Journey w/ Launched

Before Launched

I was uncertain and didn’t know what steps I should take to get the business started.

Julie Huldin

After Launched

Wow! I’ve trademarked and have created a solid offer, learned a difficult yet fabulous CRM for my all in one system, and I have learned how important it is to have a good coach. Last year I was in conception and this year I am ready to launch my first offer.

Julie Huldin

In 12 Months

Julie has been with Launched for almost a year. In that time, she has:

  • Learned High Level
  • Hired 2 coaches
  • Outsourced for data entry
  • Learned and trained her robot on ChatGPT
  • Created a bazillion video sales letters
  • Wrote all her content and designed all her landing pages
  • Learned 6 new apps for video production