Six Signs You are STUCK in the Waiting Place

5 signs you are stuck in the waiting place, launched

No shame, we have ALL been there – stuck in the waiting place.

We are waiting for our business to take off, waiting for people to find us. waiting to start making money. We sit in the Waiting Place endless spinning our wheels.

We feel frustrated, stuck, and impatient in this cycle of waiting. Unfortunately, we aren’t sure how to get out. Worst, we often don’t know that we are even stuck in the Waiting Place.

Here are five signs that you are waiting and how you can stop waiting and start moving again.

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1. Feeling Lost

You get to your place of business, or office, or computer at your table. You sit down to start working and think, “I don’t even know where to start.” You do a few urgent things but mostly spend a lot of time trying to figure out what is next. You post on social but have no idea if that is actually helping.

Most days are like that. You sit down, you want to work, you have so much drive but … you don’t know if you are doing the right things.

Feeling lost like this is a symptom of being stuck in the Waiting Place. You are waiting for people to find you. Waiting for things to happen. Waiting.

Woman stuck in a learning loop, waiting place

2. You are in a Learning Loop

You want to grow your business. You want to hit all your goals and dreams buuut, you aren’t quite sure how to do it. You start taking classes. You read all the books. You sign up for every workshop that you can. You learn so much! You implement almost none of it.

Instead of applying the new knowledge to your business, you are endlessly learning. Application seems hard and overwhelming so you continue to learn instead.

Most people waiting in a learning loop aren’t necessarily looking for magic knowledge. They are trying to control their fear. Starting a business is scary. Maybe if you know enough it won’t feel so scary anymore.

You are waiting and waiting to find the knowledge that will overpower your nerves.

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3. You Constantly Change Tactics 

You are going to start a podcast! You have heard great things about podcasts and you are ready to crush it. You get started, you purchase everything you need for your new podcast.

You launch your first few episodes. They don’t so as well as you hoped and you start to feel defeated.

Then you hear about the roaring success that business owners are having on Tik Tok. You switch gears and start posting like crazy on Tik Tok. This is what will fix your business! You get 30 days in and get discouraged. Nothing is happening, you hear about another new thing and switch gears again.

This is a panicked waiting. You are waiting for the RIGHT system. You are feeling impatient and crazy to leave this Waiting Place but you don’t know how so you are throwing yourself at every wall you can. You can’t find the door.

Woman endlessly scrolling, waiting, waiting

4. Spending all Day on Social

You post your story/reel/TikTok etc for the day. Ten minutes later you are checking your stats. You are start researching more hashtags – even though you have already done it 100 times. You watch other videos for inspiration. You interact with everyone.

You post again.

Nothing is happening. You feel like you aren’t making any progress. You check all your stats again just so see if anything changed.

You are waiting for people to find you, hoping they stumble across your feed and instantly buy. You are waiting for social media to rocket you to success. You are waiting and depending on social media to take your business to the next level.

Woman procrastinating her work, Launch Your Business Academy

5. Excessive Procrastination

You sit down to start working and your family comes in. They want to go get ice cream. You know that you can say no but you think, “Hey, I started a business so that I could be with my family.” You load up and go get ice cream.

An hour later you are back. You are sitting down to start working when your mom calls. You answer and spend the next 45 minutes talking about the family reunion. Your day goes on and on like this. You find an interesting article on Facebook, you read that instead of working.

You feel stuck so you go for a walk, run to the store, and sit out in the yard. The whole goes by and you realize you didn’t accomplish anything. The same thing happens week after week.

You are waiting for someone to tell you what to do. You are waiting to know what you should be doing in your business. Or you are waiting for the bravery to make calls, send emails, knock doors, etc.

girl waiting for the right time, Launch

6. Looking for the Right Time 

You want to start a business. You are READY to start your business. You tell people about your dream: how you want to quit your job and spend your time helping people. But, you need to make sure it is the right time, first. You are too busy, too tired, or too nervous.

You know what your dream is. You are just waiting for the “right time” to start. You don’t know what the “right time” is. You don’t aren’t quite sure that you will know it when you see it. But still you wait, hoping that the right time will jump out at you.

“One day,” you say, “one day.”

The Solution

I don’t say this about everything in business – I promise. But, if you are stuck in the Waiting Place, GET SUPPORT. Hire a coach. Join and accountability group. Find a mentor.

Getting out of the waiting place is more than just knowing what you should do next. You already did that with the Learning Loop. Getting out of the waiting place requires accountability. You have to:

  1. Have a plan – know your next steps
  2. Have accountability to stick to your plan and not jump to something new
  3. Get feedback & guidance – your plan will get a little twisted. Get knowledge from someone who has been there
  4. Have support – things will go wrong. Get a support system to help you navigate and bounce back

Very Un-Ironically, the Launch Your Business Academy has all of these things. 

This program was created for the purpose of helping women take control of their business goals.

We help women avoid mistakes, know what steps to take, and make rapid progress in their businesses. If you are ready to get out of your Waiting Place and take on your business, the Launch Your Business Academy is the next step.

Apply now and stop waiting.

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